Some I have hated since I ever learned about it….TWITTER…. I must confess, I joined ­čÖé

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Obviously I am updating… I have been doing some more reading, on the brain. It seems a lot of health bloggers are coming around to my instinct I grasped when i started┬áover analyzing┬áthe brain in relation to health. The reward circuits are VERY interesting. If you are interested then I definitely insist you check out Stephan’s series on Obesity and Reward; it is a 3part series and ever so interesting. Matt Stone also did a recap on addiction and the brain here. Again, very intriguing and the comments are relate-able.

I am currently loving my potatoes ­čÖé I also ate like 3 pints of fresh strawberries in the past week. But I am also still in love with my fat, for real…you’ll never ever convince me fat is bad when it comes from good sources. I love me some BUTTTTTTTTTTTTTTA, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, ghee, lard, even avocados(I got 3 for $1.50 and ate them all lol)…I think you get the idea haha.

So, y’all are free to follow me if you want, don’t know how much tweeting I will do it’s just cool to click up on when the ADD kicks in at the desk job haha.!/MalPaz2003