*Gary Taubes has a blog, I find it funny….he believes the ‘carb hypothesis’….guey and then admits he knows nothing about omega 6, fructose and industrial vegetable oil…as in, he doesn’t think theres anything in herently wrong with eating that junk.

*Don’t believe anything you read on a blog(except maybe mine but I don’t claim to ‘know’ anything I just tell you what works), seriously, especially a health blog.

* I have an experiment brewing in my head I want to try… if I decide on it I will let y’all know. In a nutshell, its meat and taters…

* We usually get a turkey at work for Christmas. All the employees get one to take home for Christmas dinner….yeah, didn’t happen this year. Now I need to buy my mom a turkey, damnit.

* I asked for a pressure cooker for christmas, and a Saints hoodie. I am way overly excited for a pressure cooker.

* I made my first REAL reduction gravy sauce this week….time consuming, but frikin amazing. I used Richards recipe at Free the Animal but added more butter, less wine and a packet of gelatin (because I have it and I convince myself it makes my knees hurt less- placebo, prolly)

* I can do over 20 guy pushups in one set, and ALMOST 7 chin ups in one set, and a bunch of dips but I didn’t count them 🙂

* I do no ab exercises whatsoever, at all, ever…and I have a 6 pack. Obviously singling out on muscle group doesn’t work, stop doing crunches you fool

* I actually get sad when I see people living of shitty food and food that is just….not food. like, it makes no sense to me I don’t get it. My sadness turns to rage and anger when someone like this tries to school me on oatmeal and wheaties health, along with soy milk. If people only understood…

* I work on Christmas Eve, so I am not sure how I will make it to Christmas Eve Mass…hmmm

* My older brother got his dream job. He leaves/moves in about 40 days, to VIRGINIA. I am proud and happy for him but very, very sad. I don’t ‘have anyone’ down here but my family. I don’t want him to move. We have been separated WAY too much in the past…10 years… he was deployed for like 6 I am JUST now learning about the person he turned into while he was at war. Obviously. this job is a big deal but poop, it sucks.

Open Questions….

If anyoen has questions for me about anything, post them in the comment, random, recovery related, I dont care…and I will post them in my next blog post 🙂

What did YOU ASK FOR for Christmas?