Yup, 1/4 of a century old today….haha. Got flowers, new boots, and the capris I am wearing today!

Card Said: you were perfect the first time we held you and you still are. Love dad & mom

theyre adorable, right?

This weekend, post muscle-ups, push-ups, bodyweight stuff…

And some more snaps from today’s outfit 🙂

bIG bAD mAL haaaa

So, I did get told a million times today that i looked like a runway model, will accept that haha especially on my birthday! My mom’s birthday is tomorrow so we are going to dinner WOO HOOO!!!!! We both adore adore raw oysters on the halfshell and will be diligently indulging, yum. The oyster bar isn’t open today so that’s why we be going tomorrow!

PS- My next recovery post may be a couple of days, as it takes me kinda a while to absorb everything I read and I need to make sure I understand everything I talk about in it’s relation to recovery. So, stay tuned, start accepting, get social and outta your cave and eat some damned beef liver!