The only competition you will ever face is with your own ignorance”

Open your mind to the opportunities and knowledge all around you. I am offering up what will work for you to recover from an eating disorder. I can only help you and advise you as much as you are willing to accept and put in the effort yourself. If you don’t accept, then you don’t believe. If you don’t believe, then you think I am full of shit (I do have brown eyes…) and I am lying to you. That my friend is your disorder. I can’t make you think anything and I cannot make you do anything. I totally offer up my house to lodge you for a few weeks if you do not believe me, or would like assistance in recovering from an eating disorder. Please, come enjoy the south!

First some nutritional news…wind blowing really, haha:

Read UP!! Why meat eating will save the planet. This one is for you mentally corrupted, malnourished vegetarians…,8599,2024133,00.html

Some more disgust here, what the average American consumes in a year. JUNK JUNK JUNK….please, for the love of God, I hope people find their way to the simple concept of REAL food before we kill off our own species…

Vs what you should be eating…


Oh, and while you eat your oatmeal, wheat, and grains….Check out the doubling rate of Americans by the year 2050. Double?!?!? Good golly the rate now is ridiculous, cant wait to see and the insulin-wack jobs in 2050!! “An estimated 24 million Americans have diabetes currently.”

I read this today, and it makes sense…and definitely ties in to acceptance and recovery:

Right now, your body, your mind and your life are a reflection of all your past thoughts. Let me re-iterate that, Right now, your body, mind and life are a result of all your past thoughts, what they attracted into your life and the actions you took because of them. As humans, we have over 60,000 thoughts a day. And in every thought lays a path. Every single thought you have has a recordable energy that ripples throughout the cells of your body and our world. Think for yourself. Hold a positive thought in your mind and notice that it makes you feel. Hold a negative thought and notice the exact same thing.

I never claimed to know it all or that following what I lay out to begin recovery, that being simple acceptance, will automatically result in this great perfect life. Most of it sucks until you become mentally nourished again. Nothing sucks like a bloated belly and face. Nothing sucks more than being paranoid you’re so damn tired when your eating more than you ever have in your entire life. Nothing sucks more than the mental turmoil of having episodes of constipation and diarrhea. Really, was starving any better though? You can both take my advice, and hopefully influence another individual with your knowledge post recovery and becoming nourished, OR you can stay doing-what-your-doing now which in my opinion, if you’re reading my blog, is not working. You can live the rest of your life on a meal plan and counting and suffering the by products of malnourishment. You know what that gets you? Death…if you do not just accept and treat your malnourishment, then yes, you WILL die earlier (sudden cardiac arrest anyone), your bones WILL SUCK at life, and your brain WILL stay obsessive. Take your pick.  As I have said before fake it till you make it …Couldn’t you use your imagination to create that situation? Everyone has a glimpse of recovery here and there and unusually high expectations for it. That recovery you KNOW you need? And for those moments, don’t you feel good, feel happy? LIVE IT everyday and do not hold back, pull back or give in.

Let’s talk about the negative for a second. Ever have just one of ‘those’ mornings? When you’re malnourished, ‘those’ mornings are usually the result of a lack of food(or nutrients) and predetermined by some eating disordered thing you did the day before(like work out or restrict) or that morning (like weigh yourself or find out yet another pair of pants don’t fit). You wake up with little to no energy, a revolving head, an attitude encompassed by rebellious hate. And what happens? The day usually turns out how it started; you wake up in that bad mood and start thinking right away. You’re already thinking about the days allotment of food, the timing, the ‘plan’ you have for recovery, or lack thereof for the day. Regardless of what may come of the day, what you need to do, what surprisingly shows up or occurs, you NEED to, HAVE to stick to what you have planned in your little bubble. You start stressing about what you have to do that day to make sure you will be certain to meet your preconceived plan for the day.

That my amigo, is a malnourished mind.

It seems like whether or not you accept recovery has a domino effect on the rest of your life and how you ‘run it’ which is something you shouldn’t be trying to do in the first place.  You can’t run your life, as much as you would like to. That ultimately ends in your life running you. Kind of like your eating disorder is running you right now. It just brings about more bad events into your life. That’s because every thought, positive and negative, contain the power to attract. You read my blog because how I look attracts you and you want to recover exactly as I did, with the same results, same food relationship, same calorie allotment (or lack thereof). What I did attracts you, be it that I had to eat 4500 calories a day while sitting on my ass or you trust my research and knowledge of the mind and body. Your negative thoughts are powerful though to feed your eating disorder. Not only do you think those thoughts often (it cant work for me, “I’m different”), but you effortlessly attach feeling and belief into negative thoughts . It starts with the beginning of your day as I mentioned earlier…waking up malnourished leads to a day acting like a malnourished individual.

But if we could take that effortlessness and attach it to our positive thoughts and our dreams (recovery, marriage, freedom from food obsession). Can you imagine how much our lives would change? I am trying to paint you the picture of what nourishment does for you and how skewed your envisioning of recovery is. REAL RECOVERY DOES HAPPEN, it is possible. The beauty of it all though, is that it is all up to you. The eating disorder is all in your head and whether you accept recovery is all in your head. You can start to change your life right now- figure out what acceptance means to you. You choose to control your thoughts right now and you will change your life if you so choose to.

“The first time you accept ‘good’ is the last time you will see excellence.” John Ulmo


You have the choice to either ‘recover’ or RECOVER. recover implies meeting other expectations, assumptions and diagnosed treatment plan. RECOVER implies accepting your body, your mind, distinguishing between truth and lie, and be willing to accept what bringing yourself to health and nourishment comes with. The day you decide to ‘just recover’ and go by some bulleted spreadsheet of meal times, ‘food emotions’ and all the bullshit associated with conventional treatment is the first day of the rest of your life you will remain malnourished.

“There is no finer sensation in life than that which comes with victory over one’s self. Go forward to a goal of inward achievement, brushing aside all your old internal enemies as you advance.”

You accept recovery; you see the difference and reality that your eating disorder is only real to you. That ‘internal enemy.’

“Any experience can be transformed into something of value.”

When you come out of this alive and healthy, you value your self, your life, food and others. It sucks as first, but the transformation you make physically and emotionally cannot be beat.

“Prosperity can not be built on fear!”

So true… you’re scared shitless when you accept recovery. Like weak in the knees, on the verge of tears because you have NO idea and NO control over the outcomes, but you HAVE TO accept that what happens, happens and that you WILL prosper and come out better in the end.

“Go off by yourself with a pad and pencil and write out your own ticket for a happy and successful life. By that I mean put down all of the things you would like to have or be.”

And that encompasses what acceptance is to you. do not be selfish and allow your eating disorder to choose the outcome. The outcome should have NOTHING to do with your weight or food and everything to do with a fulfilling life and healthy MIND.

“Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


See…..accept it.

For many malnourished sufferers, recovery is an intangible goal, about as real as Santa clause circling the globe in one night. its something only other people can do and you can sit back in envy and watch. You think it is something you’ll read about and sub-par live but you never are able to until you accept. Thing is, your convinced it HAS TO BE this way and it does NOT. There is a mental science to this recovery thing, and once your accept it you’ll realize it-and it is extremely simple to learn.

The only thing that differentiates the people who succeed and those who don’t is that those who don’t haven’t learned and stuck to the simple science of dieting.

The Meat and Potatoes for you for the weekend…CHALLENGE NUMBER ONE from me to you:

If you are accepted in recovery then without a doubt you should be eating over 3,000 calories everyday without fail. My challenge to you, is to make a 1000 calorie meal of real food, primal food, and eat it. Accept the satiety and accept the mass nutrition you’ll receive from it. I do it almost everyday….okay I do it EVERYDAY, but I think the point in doing this is to understand the difference between physical fullness and mental fullness. Mental fullness does not happen in the stomach, it is the by product of a nourishing meal. Physical fullness occurs when you do something retarded like make a stir fry with 5 pounds of veggies and wonder why you’re ‘so full’ and ‘can’t eat anymore!’….really, get real. Coconut milk has 130 calories PER 1/3 a cup. Coconut cream has DOUBLE the calories of cream cheese per ounce. It is so NOT hard, but it is your acceptance and willingness to do just that. If you really cannot force yourself to be creative and enjoy such a challenge…then go get a jar of coconut butter and dip it in a sweet potato and buy a jar of nuts. If you’re real you’ll come up with some combo of meat and taters induced in fat and amazing spices.

Success in recovery is NO accident…a simple acceptance leads to a simple nourishment. There’s a formula, a science, a thought process… accept it

I did my twice-a-week body bearing 15 minute workout. I did chin ups and pull ups and then stretching. So about 5 min chin ups, 5 min pull ups, 5 min stretching.