Bored today haha, took a food survey…then snapshots of myself  like a loser, it’s cool. I attempted to look relaxed/normal in them.

my attempt at the relaxed look lol

you can kiss my white @ss haha

Favorite vegetable?




Brussel sprouts



Favorite Fruit?




Favorite seasonal food?

Winter squash


Least favorite food?

Low fat or Fat free anything


Food most people like but you don’t?





Food that annoys you?

Fat free yogurt/milk

Oatmeal/grits/cream of wheat

Fat free cheese



Comfort food?

Coconut butter…stuff should be illegal. I never knew what it felt like to have a food addiction until my discovery of coconut butter


Guilty pleasure?

Foodwise ? lol….a whole bar of 100% cacao Ghirardelli chocolate


Favorite meal?

Beef liver with deep fried onions in tallow, oil roasted brussel sprouts and scrambled buttery eggs

Close second, dry aged rib eye


Favorite recipe?

Coconut muffins, quite possibly the only one I have ever followed correctly


Favorite condiment?

Apple cider mustard, coconut butter, butter


Odd foods you enjoy?

I think apple cider vinegar tastes good lol

Beef liver, kidney, brain, heart, tripe, cheek, tongue…love them all.


Do you like to cook?

I like to nourish myself…that requires cooking


What food would you put in a survival kit?



Are there any foods that you wouldn’t eat as a child that you eat now?

Onions, organs


Any food you ate as a child you don’t now?



Are you a good cook?

I like what I cook J so at the moment I don’t much care what someone else thinks of it


Are you a vegetarian?

Haha no I despise that fantasy world


Are you concerned about your daily calorie intake when choosing something to eat?

Not hardly, just that it is a lot…fat free kills


At what times do you usually eat your meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner)?

When I am hungry…somehow people rarely grasp this concept


Can you cook well?

Isnt that the same as a good cook?….


Did you drink coffee this morning?

Yes with heavy cream yum!


Do you always eat vegetables?

Finally….haha glad I can laugh about that now (b/c I spent a year eating only meat…)


Do you cook? If yes, what food do you cook the most often?

Whatever is on sale…canned sardines/salmon usually and they don’t require cooking. But actually cook, stirfry, just throw everything in and add lots butter or tallow


Do you drink milk every day?

Coconut milk but not everyday


Do you drink tea every day?

No but occassionally


Do you eat beef?

All the time baby!


Do you eat bread every day?

I don’t eat bread any day lol


Do you like British food?

?? I don’t know  what’s British food?


Do you like Chinese food? Why or why not?

EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW no…I cant even take the smell. Not to mention the ungodly amounts of MSG in it.


Do you like deep-fried food?

Only if it’s in tallow or butter


Do you like food from other countries? If yes, which do you like the most?

Mexican I suppose? I like taco salad lol


Do you like to eat a lot of food every day?

Not like but I do…waiting for the day I can get by just eating when hungry stopping when full, not beyond full haha.


Do you like to eat American foods?

99.999% of American are obese fatties haha so no I think I will pass. What qualifies ‘american’ anyways? Bread, vegetable oil, fast food, processed food??? BLEH


Do you like to eat at fast food restaurants?

No but if I have to Wendy’s has fresh beef burger w/o fillers


Do you like to eat junk food?

I don’t consider anything junk food. Now if you’re talking about processed food in boxes and bags then that is simply not food. Junk, yes, but not junk food.


Do you like to try new food and drinks?

No actually I hate to haha. Glad I ventured into the coconut world though


Do you prefer fish or meat?

Both haha. Fish wise salmon with lotsa crunchy skin or redfish Cajun style pan seared in ghee


Do you prefer to eat at a restaurant or at home?



Do you read the nutritional information on the foods you buy?

No but I guarantee I can reiterate them all to you even if I don’t eat it. isnt it weird how theres no forgetting this stuff but other stuff you cant remember to save your life!!!???


Do you take vitamin pills?



Do you think a vegetarian diet is better than a diet that includes meat?

Haha humans evolved off meat and got smarter because of meat… not starting this rant. Vegetarianism is a fantasy world and you cannot deny that.


Do you think fast food, soda and sweets should be sold in school cafeterias?

Hell no look at all the obese children. Theyre all lazy fatties who eat donuts and Mt Dew for breakfast and wonder why they have ADHD


Have you ever eaten dog meat?

Do you mean dog food? Then yes I have…but fucking dog meat that’s disgusting c’mon now…


How many calories do most people need every day?

WTF??? I dunno everyones different I need a lot but I also eat right soo….


How often do you eat fresh fruit?

Farmer’s market…I love thee, on Thursdays to be exact.


How often do you eat steak?

Many times a week… I can feel the heart attack artery clog already hahah Buuulllllllshit


How often do you go drinking? What’s your favorite drink?

Occasionally, aka weekends… Bacardi on the rocks with variety of fruit to bite on in between sips J


How often do you go shopping for food?

I eat fresh and I eat a lot, so often


Is there any food that you really dislike to eat?

Why would I eat something I don’t like??!?!?!?


What are some foods that are considered unhealthy?

Anything I can’t kill grow or pick w/o processing


What are some foods that you know are healthy for your body?

Fat ass rib eye, eggs, salmon, sardines, butter, LIVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


What did you have for supper last night?

10 oz Steak with onions & mushrooms fried in tallow with broccoli/brussel sprouts fried in butter and 2 deep fried fish fillets…and yes I finished it, then had a snack like a fattttassss haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


What do you eat for breakfast every day?

Your mom


What do you like to drink?



What food do you hate? Why do you hate it?

Corn, carrots. Carrots b/c I turned them into God when I was anorexic. Corn b/c it’s just gross and gives me shit-squirts. No one wants to be around if that item enters my mouth hahaha


What foods do you hate?

Ones in boxes and bags


What foods do you love?

Food I can kill or grow, really I am not picky


What foods have you tasted which you will never forget for the rest of your life?



What is one of your favorite foods?

Dry aged beef


What is the cheapest place to eat that you know?

My house lol


What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever eaten. Did it taste good or bad?

I suppose organs. And I have loved every one I have tried. Kidney is by far the strangest.


What is the strangest thing you have ever eaten?

Well haha see above, A kidney of a cow


Why are diets usually short?

You eat the wrong food and everyone seems convinced that to lose weight you need to restrict food intake and calorie/macro count… guey! I pity the fool…


Why can’t people stop eating?

They eat the wrong food and haven’t accepted the truth


Why do you think obesity is becoming such a problem in the United States and throughout the world?

HAHAHA… agricultural revolution. Again, no one understand that a 50calorie pouch of fruit snacks made with ‘real fruit’ is not the same as a strawberry. You change a natural food and it becomes unnatural aka processed aka your body does not understand why you ate a strawberry fruit snack and it did not provide all the vitamins/minerals a strawberry does, thus you body tries to handle it like a strawberry and fails miserably.


Do you know the nutritional value of the things you eat every day?

Yes but I don’t consider it…it all evens out


Do you believe that “we are what we eat?”

Yup so why so many people don’t eat real food is beyond me


How many meals a day do you think should be eaten?

However many as your hungry for 1 or 100 it doesn’t matter


Can you name a spice or flavoring that is good for your health?

Haha beyonce swear by cayenne doesnt she? I can tell you what cayenne does to me… but you don’t wanna be around unless you got some Comet to clean the toilet bowl hahahahahha.


If you were on death row, what would you request for your last meal?

75 day old dry aged rib eye with onions/mushrooms, scrambled eggs, oil roasted Brussels, riced rutabaga fried in butter…and a LARGE bowl of Bacardi soaked fruit, I aint going outta here sober


Do you pray before each meal?

No, thanksgiving/Christmas though


Have you ever eaten something that made you ill?

Ill? No, run to the potty? Yes haha. You live you learn…


How many calories are in one hamburger?

Depends what cut of beef you use…usually around 350. why the fuck was this question even on this?!?!?!