Last night, I know weird right who gets married on a Thursday?? Anywho, last night I went to a wedding for an older lady I work with. Was SUPPOSED to go with my friend-boy but he ended up working late(or maybe he would rather lick a dogs foot than go to a wedding lol). Either way, it was cute even for older people. I cropped the pictures because I dont have their ‘acknowledgement’ to post their stuff on the web. I wore a black  jersey sweater dress.  

you can see my knees are a bit swollen, fist time in heels since I hurt them


about an hour on my feet in heels now hah



guey...I hate wen people say 'pose'






AND NOW on to boys…

Mal’s Brutal Boy Breakdown….I reallllly have a hard time opening up to men. But, the problem is that I now have a full up and running libido. Girl’s gotta be nice and sweet as the day is long to ever expect to have any sort of sane relationship. I am a relationship person, in my head. But putting myself out there for someone to emotionally attach to is hard for me.  

1. I am conservative. I am traditional. Call me, don’t text me because I will not answer. Drive to my house, pick me up at the door and open the truck door for me. Pay for what we do. Do not get obnoxiously nervous and starting rambling about nothing. I will lose interest REAL quick. Have some confidence; you’ll make me feel more comfortable. If you like me enough, then you will find ways and reasons to call and hang out. If not, you’re in it for a piece of this ass and I am not playing games, sorry. it is your responsibility to call me – I will not call you. I want to go on real dates, not bar hopping. Which leads me to #2  

2. DO NOT BECOME A SLOPPY DRUNK around me. Nothing is worse than going to have a few drinks and play pool with a guy who half way through the night needs his pool stick to hold himself up. Ew, it is totally unattractive. If you need to be that drunk to hang out with me you are either way to uptight naturally (and the drunk is overkill) or you simply think you can get away with acting a jerk in a state of slopdrunk. I am not in college anymore, my ice luge and beer bonging days are far gone.  

3. Every other word outta your mouth had BETTER not be ‘God damn’ or “fuck’. Act like a gentlemen around a lady. I could care less what you talk about around your boys. I know too I have 2 brothers. Keep the epic-shits, smelly farts, sexual experiences, Maxim page flippin, for guy time. Keep the cussing for the boys too. You don’t prove any worthiness by being about to put fuck, damn and shit in the same sentence.  

4. Understand the fine line I draw between being a smartass and being a complete jerk. Tickling, teasing, small jokes and flirty smartass stuff is fine. Usually it makes me laugh. However, if you bold face act an asshole getting your laughs off other people and just completely treat me like scum of the earth around your friends…my heel will quickly find its way to your crotch and I may even take it off and wing it at you head as I leave.  

5. Be passionate about something, and be busy. I don’t care if it is the stars or the World War 1. I don’t care if it is cats(I hate cats) or soccer(I despise soccer). But at least we will have something to talk about. If you are always available I will lose interest real quick. Men are so easy to lure in. I do it constantly, then I stop talking to them because they just become so clingy. Maybe I just haven’t found the right cling??  

6. DO NOT AGREE WITH ME JUST BECAUSE. THIS IS SO ANNOYING. I am republican. I am conservative. I am catholic. I am VERY opinionated. I DO NOT want to convert you to my opinions. If you are Baptist, we can talk about it. Don’t flippin convert to Catholicism because you think you’ll win brownie points with me. Don’t vote republican in the next election because I am. If we agree on everything and share all the same views then WHERE is the fun??? Now, if we have an adult talk about the differences and learn from it, change views or whatever then that’s fine. It brings passion to a relationship.  

 Besides that(not to harsh right) all I want is for him to be taller than me and make me laugh. I am a tall person…like epically tall for a female. I use to be taller than I am now but anorexia stole an inch damnit.  

What about you…what is on your ‘please dont do this’ list of turn-offs??  


End Cap…some annoying stuff I read this week  

Jackie Pou: Why do you think Mississippi consistently tops nationwide obesity rankings?  

Chip Johnson: Well, there are a lot of reasons. If you really read through the report, we’re number one in physical inactivity. We’re number one in hypertension. Of course number one in hypertension probably has to do with the obesity. We’re number two in adult diabetes. The other one is we’re ranked number one in poverty. And we are also ranked the lowest in adult consumption of fruit and vegetables. So when you start looking at all these things we’re ranked the worst at, they are obviously leading directly to an obesity epidemic.  

So what did I get out of this: Mississippians (?) enjoy drankin, eatin, and layin by the pool making sure not to move too much (maybe to check the smoked brisket and refill the cooler). They DON’T care about career oriented lives of stress, material based, money squandering antics…exactly why I love this place. It may be the most unhealthy state in the world, but I can close to guarantee we have one of the happiest (pound for pound lol) states in the US.  

BUT THEN, you have Bill Clinton, the same guy who swore to congress that he did not get a blow-job from Monica Lewinsky promoting his ‘diet’ which we should believe in of no meat, no dairy, no eggs but all plant and fruit based with ‘supplemental’ protein(aka soy). Holy geez if it gets anymore distorted and gay I wont be able to control myself. Not that I think who he is sleeping with who should be a matter of public discussion…but…his diet sure as hell is not going to lead to anything short of osteoporosis, pale skin and 394856012398456018374 nutritional deficiencies.  

Now, this may be ironic but there is no denying that evolution is an integral part of human medicine. And our modern money sucking capitalistic industry of medicine will not understand the future of medicine and it’s harm until we look at our past and how we came to this point. Ancient man ate flesh and saturated fat. He/she was not on the Bill Clinton low fat, vegetarian diet with a Coffee Latte in the morning complete with almond milk and protein powder.  

 Modern medicine misses that major point – the appropriate diet is critical NOT just an adjunct to a healthy prescription. The appropriate diet for the human body should be the FIRST intervention in health care delivery – not some where at the end of a doctor’s/patient’s conversation lasting less than a minute. Or maybe, it is because doctors do not understand what a healthy diet is?