July of this year….2 months ago…remember these??  






Here is what 2 months of even more solid eating at 3,000 calories a day can do…  




flex…hah I had to 🙂  


Sirloin seared in tallow with 3 eggs, reduction made with tallow & bone stock poured over grilled Portobello/onions/garlic and a bed of red leaf/spinach. also had an avocado


So, 2 months progress… whatcha think? I am liking it, a lot of changes in my mentally and physically…  

* My knees DO NOT hurt. I was told in March I would never be able to ‘walk without’ pain, lift weights or get well without knee surgery on both knees…seems once again I proved the medical industry wrong  

*I eat a HIGHLY saturated fat diet… heart is still beating as it always has…proved them wrong, again  

* I don’t think about food, plan food, nor get preoccupied in it’s existence  

*I have no problem eating socially, I also have no problem not eating socially. The choice is yours. Only you make a big deal out of it  

* I like going out, tailgating, occasionally getting obliterated thanks to Bacardi 🙂  

* I can still breathe after running up a flight of stairs…on top of having no knee pain  

* My face is fuller, not sunken in  

* I laugh…have a personality, opinions and viewpoints knowledge is power  

* I can sleep, I love sleep, sometimes up to 13-14 hours on the weekend. It is an enjoyment I didn not use to have in restless nights of tossing turning, tallying, worrying.  

*That constantly go go go go brain diminished…ridiculous when you realize this how happy you are  

* My gums look healthier, teeth feel stronger  

*I am ovrall more ‘filled out’ and my boobs have grown! I feel I appear more feminine and not like some walking runway anorexic stick bitch who is mute and isolated  

* I HAVE AN ASS….and a nice one at that  

* When I get hungry I experience JOY in feeding myself nutritous food and learning how to cook and use spices  

And what can I credit all this too… I LOST MALNUTRITION…I lost it, it is gone. Malnutrition causes anorexia, yes there are predispositions, but the underlying problem here is YOU and what YOU eat or choose not to eat. It is all in your head…a side effect of malnutrition. Feed yourself correctly and feel correct. Only YOU can choose to bite the bullet because as always, you need to accept.  ACCEPT ACCEPT ACCEPT. Accept it’s all in your head and you will be able to fight.  

From May to July I had gained 10 pounds for those of you following my progress and July to now, ITS NONE OF YOUR DAMN BUSINESS what I have gained 🙂 mostly because some people seem to get off on numbers, as I admit I ONCE DID, but I don’t give one flyin fuck what I weigh.  


Sirloin seared iin tallow with 3 eggs, reduction made with tallow & bone stock poured over grilled portabellos/onions/garlic and a bed of red leaf/spinach. also had an avacado