SEE ANOTHER COCONUT PRODUCT I WILL BE A HAPPY CAMPER!!!!!!!!! Good-golly i have eaten my self SICK, absolutely SICK of coconut products. Let’s see I have had(got the pictures from the internet but same brands and stuff)…

OK, the thought of any of these products makes my stomach churn…eww…anyways… ya know how coconut oil and all it’s byproducts are touted are SO HEALTHY and blah blah  blah…. well you know the TRUTH of the matter is we do not really know anything about coconut and it’s products. we have een eating butter, tallow and lard for a LOT loner than we have been consuming coconut oil or flakes or flour etc. Coconuts were not in Africa where, evolutionarily speaking, we evolved from.

According to Dr Kurt Harris at Panu:

Yes, “just because they are from an animal..”

We have a very long evolutionary history of eating the fatty acid profile found in the flesh and butter from ruminants, many times longer than history of eating coconut and palm

We don’t really know that much about any unique consequences of eating the MCTs in coconut and their first pass metabolism through the liver

Adding coconut fat to a diet without changing the carb fraction increases the level of blood ketones independent of the CHO fraction, because of this first pass metabolism. What does this mean if you are not a kitavan eating CHO of 60-70%? We don’t really know. It could be good or bad, but either way it is probably more outside our evolutionary experience than eating the ruminant fatty acid profile.

Coconut has zero n-3 fatty acids. Coconut has no vitamin K2 or CLA or carnitite or B12

I am not wary of eating coconut fat, but there is no way I would consider it superior to fat from ruminants.

Pastured butter is #1. Cream is still #2.

So par the usual, I agree with him. I love my butter ghee and cream !

Second point of this post, I would like to publicly apologize to Jenny, at PB and Jenny for getting the totally wrong impression of me as well as her followers on her blog. She is a damn hard fighting trooper through recovery, and even has the courage to post about her food with pictures etc. Guess what? She is doing what works for her. That’s damn more than a lot of ‘recoveree’ bloggers can say for themselves. Is she making progress? YES. Is she fighting? YES. Go Jenny! Just because I eat differently from her, does not make one of us wrong or one of us a ‘better’ eater than the other. That sounds like high school bullshit jealousy comparing to me. Anywho, some anonymous blogger took it upon themselves to link my blog post on food (see why i do NOT HAVE a flippin food blog!) in her comments section and it caused a huge uproar. So Jenny, I am very sorry !