Yes, you read correctly. I weighed in this morning and am up .8lbs from last Monday. To me, this is a huge deal. I am happy, proud I can manage this on my own. The only thing I can do from here is ‘accept’ recovery and weight gain, get on with my life, and keep movin on up! I am proud of myself, but of course I have my ‘head’ hating it and wanting to go back, but I made a promise and I am not breaking it.

 If anyone is interested in the amazing dinner I had last night…

I got in my shipment from US Wellness Meats in RECORD TIME and first attacked the pound of ground pork. This was the TASITIEST, FATTIEST ground pork I have ever eaten in my life. No joke. It was amazing. I ate the entire pound, greasy mess of fat drippings included. I also stir fried yellow squash, kale, green onions and mushrooms is a gob-load of butter.

 Yes, I ate too much, yes my belly gurgled all night. yes, I had to go potty quite early this morning from fat overload. Yes I enjoyed it but sorta-scared me at the same time, but all in all it was an amazing dinner.

 Made this amazing dip this weekend for a baseball game party at my new sorta boyfriends house. By the way, the last guy I was talking about, he decided he would rather date a chick who likes to pose naked on motorcyles…his loss. New guy’s name is Ricky. He is NOT AT ALL the type of guy I go for. He has blonde hair, blue eyes, and curly fluff hair lol. I always pick tan, dark hair dark eyed boys….we will see how it goes! I know he really likes me. Anyways, back to the recipe…

 One container of FULL FAT fage double strained

½ cup of chopped jarred jalapeños

3-4 TBL of jalapeno juice

2-3 chopped green onions

Red pepper flakes


White pepper

Smoked Paprika

 Mix it all together, spice according to how smokey or spicy you like you dip. This tastes amazing with eggs, in an omelet, stuffed in gross lean chicken breast, any veggies, smeared on boiled eggs, mixed with canned seafood. It is just hands down GOOD. And addicting.

Anyway, the dip went over HUGE at the party- the guys LOVED IT. The USM baseball team had a championship game Saturday night so I went to Rickys house to watch it and brought the spicy dip with cracker/veggies. Went over huge and I ate a lot of it even with like 20 dudes around. I was the only girl lol. Also, another thing I was proud of last week…went to Ricky’s to make dinner for us. We ended up doing steak kabobs. There were 5 of us eating and only 6 kebabs. I had the extra one plus the leftovers. Someone actually made the comment ‘damn Ricky your girl can eat!’ and I didn’t have like a panic attack over it. So all in all a good week. I keep telling myself over and over and over (like a song on replay haaaaaaaaaa) to just ‘accept’ I have made the promise and goal to gain weight so it’s not a bad thing and needs to happen so I just need to ‘accept’ it.

 Here’s another few pics from Maryland I came across on the wonderful facebook.

  How are you guys doing with accepting? Have you been practicing? Anything you can help tip or share with about acceptance?