I am rather conserved to the fact that depression, mental illness and eating disorders are all interrelated and in large part due to the diet of the mom when we were in the womb, as well as whether or not a baby was breast fed. The typical American diet and what it consists of, or rather I should say what it lacks is the primary cause of mental illnesses, including my own and I have not seen convincing evidence to say else wise. This does not put the blame on anyone per say, because I am sure when my mom was preggo with me she thought she was doing good by eating a low saturated fat diet (not that she really did….) and not indulging in alcohol and smoking or silly things or the sort. Conventionally speaking, when you go to the doctor and get the preggo test, your doctor right away starts on the “whole grains, fruit and vegetables” mantra and sparks it’s so-called health to the soon to be mama.

            If you are a virgin to my blog, you need to realize how ironic I find touting a diet high in whole grains, fruit and vegetables is evolutionarily speaking. There were no whole grains. Vegetables were eaten in season and were not genetically modified beyond all recognition. They were eaten sporadically. Fruit, when it wasn’t rotten or hadn’t been eaten by another animal, was taken seasonally as well. Again, these fruits were not anything similar to the abominations they sell at the grocery store loaded with fructose and sugar. Think about how many animals in nature eat fruit. Then think about how many people would be with you when you found a piece of unadulterated fruit… your butt would be splitting that fruit between many.

So besides all our wonderful soon-to-be mommies eating a horrendously mis-prescribed diet and changing the chemical balance of soon-to-be-babies brain we have birth, and the ever rising shift to BOTTLE formula feeding. I cannot think of anything worse than this. This “food” they call it for babies cannot possibly, in any way, be any more Unhealthy. You know what the first three ingredients are?! Sugar, corn syrup solids, and powdered ultra-homogenized milk flakes. Really?!?!? Breast milk is natural, has a natural balance of carbs, protein and fat. It is higher in carbs because babies need to gain fat! Fat babies are adorable and lovable! Sick babies risk death and illness! There will never be anything natural about sugar, flakes of processed dried milk and the ever killing of Americans in corn syrup solids. So bottle feeding is urged by doctors for some god-for-saken reason these days and guess what- the research, the studies they ARENT LYING. Babies are for the MAJORITY, the large large majority, growing up with some sort of “problem.” Look at the obesity in kids. They are maturing at a young age with under developed brains. With all the sporadic health problems of children and teenagers these days, mental illness is almost heresay. There are so many other problems and illnesses being brought about, flourishing and running rampant. The facts say :

Artificially fed babies are likely to develop malnutrition, meningitis, severe respiratory infection, cancer, polio, eczema, caries teeth, coronary artery disease, insulin dependent diabetes, disseminated sclerosis, etc. A diet of powder milk has its own implications. If it is not mixed properly, over dilution could result in severe malnutrition. Concentrated feeds could result in obesity and hypernatraemia.

This next bit of information is absolutely astounding to me. If you cannot tell, I am a big fit-your-britches proponent of breast feeding. I think it is IDEAL for babies. If not, then I advocate getting ahold of raw milk(which is another post in itself because our so-called government makes it’s sale illegal most places) preferably from a goat because it is closest to a mom’s boob milk.

A report by the New York Times shows that:

Breastmilk contains the ideal ratio of fats, amino acids and other nutrients that baby needs for brain and nervous system development. These ingredients provide the ideal basis for the “hard-wiring” component of a person’s intelligence. For instance, Taurine is an important amino acid found in high concentrations in mother’s milk. (In contrast, it is almost nonexistent in cow’s milk.) Taurine has an important role in the development of brain tissue, among other things. A baby’s body is unable to form Taurine on its own, so s/he is totally reliant on his food to supply this. Cholesterol is another ingredient found in high concentrations in breastmilk. It is needed to build tissue in the brain and nervous system. Babies need cholesterol in the first two years of life. (Incidentally, there is evidence that points to a connection between cholesterol in breastmilk and the ability to handle dietery cholesterol in adulthood.) Another important ingredient of mom’s milk is fats. Breastmilk contains high amounts of important fats, such as DHA and ARA. These are very important components of brain structures, and research has shown that breastfed infants have higher concentration of these essential fats in their brain and blood than do formula fed babies. A new study has found that babies that are breastfed for longer than six months have significantly better mental health in childhood. The study found that children who were breastfed for less than six months compared to six months or longer had a 52% increased risk of a mental health problem at age 2, a 55% increased risk at age 6, a 61% risk at age 8, and a 37% increased risk at age 10. Breast milk is the perfect source of nutrition for infants. Breast milk contains appropriate amounts of carbohydrate, protein, and fat. It also provides the digestive proteins, minerals, vitamins, and hormones that infants need. Breast milk contains valuable antibodies from the mother that may help the baby resist infections (http://health.nytimes.com/health/guides/nutrition/breast-milk/overview.html).

SO I DO NOT EVEN SEE HOW IT IS LEGAL TO BOTTLE FORMULA FEED BABIES! Bless their poor souls, and their mama’s because no one seems to know any different. Ludacris, absolutely ridiculous. Put two and two together… but the medical community’s potential of doing this- zilch, zip, zero nada.

Our society needs to get back to the basics. Food needs to be eaten that is provided by the earth, and mothers need to tend to nature as nature has always expected her to. Breastfeeding is supposed to be done. Why else would a woman’s breasts fill with milk during pregnancy?

 Animals are supposed to be hunted, slaughtered and killed- you cannot question this. That’s a tough fact to face, especially for fat phobic veggie-whole-grain-oatmeal-concocting bloggers out there. The USDA current food pyramid system is not driven by the nutritional quality of food as it should be, but rather by its efficiency and profitability.

I cannot say it any better than Vin Miller of Natural Bias, so I will leave you with a clip from one of his articles:

The food industry is comprised of large corporations that reap tremendous benefits from processed foods that have a low production cost and a long shelf life. What’s good for them is rarely good for us. The modern diet is largely based on processed foods that are stripped of nutrients, contain unnatural chemical additives that are potentially dangerous, and have an unhealthy amount of sugar and refined carbohydrates. Basically, we’re depriving our bodies of the nutrition we need to promote and sustain optimal health while also consuming an excessive amount of chemicals, sugar, and denatured nutrients. The combination of these factors can very easily lead to a significantly compromised quality of life and is a major reason why conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune disease, and obesity have become so prevalent. In contrast to modern processed foods which are often high in carbohydrates and low in essential nutrients, natural whole foods are much more nutritious and are often much lower in carbohydrates, especially the refined variety. In fact, it would be quite difficult for most people to match their current carbohydrate intake with fruits and vegetables alone. This excessive consumption of carbohydrates often causes blood sugar fluctuation and is a major reason why so many people are overweight and suffering from diabetes. Embracing natural whole foods as the true foundation of a healthy diet eliminates all of the guess work. Instead of obsessing over what foods you should or shouldn’t eat, you can use a few simple guidelines to help you decide. If a food comes in packaging, has an ingredients list, didn’t originate from a plant or animal, and wasn’t available 10,000 years ago, then you probably shouldn’t eat it. Of course there are exceptions to these rules, but in general, if you’re not obeying them the majority of the time, then you’re most likely not eating a healthy diet. (Vin Miller of Natural Bias).

Ok, I have rambled enough without so much as a moments notice. I gotta get back to work.  I find out about knee surgery on Friday when I get an MRI. It is looking good/better. I still cant walk but I have been wearing and not moving with the brace because I do not want knee problems the rest of my life. Suck it up, it on yooo asssssss and get on with life. I made an amazing 5.72lb chuck roast and ribs yesterday in the crock pot…swoon. I am head over heels for the crock pot.


“When the taste changes with every bite and the last bite tastes as good as the first, that’s Cajun.”

– Paul Prudhomme

“Do Southerners laugh at different things than Northerners do? Yes–Northerners.”

–Roy Blount