Hey Guys! Just going to be a quick post. I am doing very well, thank you for all the amazing and helpful comments. The sun has been out which makes life, recovery and EVERYTHING worth while. The boy is good besides the fact that he backed out on me when we were supposed to hang out yesterday because he had “alcohol class for dummies” to attend. Haha. He is SO sweet though so somehow that seems to make up for it. This weekend was HubFest in the town I live in. it is a TON of people, food stands, music and bands, stores with stands, like the Mardi Gras of my town pretty much. It was almost 80 degrees and I loved every second of it! Went with my roommate and a couple friends and scattered the streets. One bar in particular was a blast (wish I had pics, sorry) because they actually Mardi Gras themed the day. I wanted a smoked turkey leg from this one stand however the wait was approximately 3 hours and all the people against the hot blacktop made for stink and I was not interested in waiting that long. Then after that I went to support one of my brothers frat brothers at this chili cookoff (more outside time!) and he did not win. Admittedly, his chili was not good haha- no offense. I do not like chili at all though so maybe that is it? then Saturday night I met up with 2 friends for UFC Fight Night at Buffalo Wild Wings and did an advertisement for BudLight…haha this is strange. I was standing there in my daisy dukes (a must girls…) and a shirt and these girls approach me and ask me to do this quick video and drink a bud light for their advertising site…I was like hey, free beer, ok. Here’s one of the pictures from it:

In other news, I got ahold of 5 lbs of raw gulf coast shrimp on Friday for lent and have been eating the crap outta shrimp! I love them! First night I dipped them in egg wash and rolled in coconut flour w/spices and fried in coconut oil…popcorn shrimp! Was quite tasty! The other night I just did spiced and steamed dipped in butter and last night sautéed them in garlic butter…oh yum yum yum. And, more cooking, I picked up a big ol beef roast at the store yesterday and put it in the crock pot this morning with celery and a bit of water to it doesn’t dry out (I am praying!) and it should be nice and falling apart full of soaked up fat and moisture by the time I get home….sooo yummy. I bet the house smells divine right now. Prolly will sauté some onions and mushrooms into a buttery sauce to pout over the meat, which will be on a bed of spinach…ahh does life get any better than that. I. LOVE. COW (sorry vegetarians!).

Obviously, it is amazing what the summer and sun, and me getting my natural vitamin D outside all day does for me! I am happy! I am functioning. i can also tell, looking at the pic above, that i have gained weight and deifnitely some muscle- so all good, besides battling the mind monster over it. I went on a cleaning streak Sunday and cleaned my room, vacuumed, swept the living room and kitchen, moped the floors, scrubbed down the kitchen and cleaned my bathroom! Did laundry, and then proceeded to drive to my parents house and spend the rest of the day in the sun at the pool! Have a pic, but to save myself I will not post it because I am not down for posting pics here of me in a bikini. My mom smoked and slow cooked a HUGE Boston butt (pork) yesterday which was divine. I also made mayo while I was home because we don’t have a food processor. This time I used coconut oil, macadamia oil, 4-5 yolks, dash of lemon juice and salt. Turned out a bit thin so I think I may add a container to sour cream to it and see how it turns out. I intend to used my huge bowl of chopped up chicken meat with all the mayo and make chicken salad so all I need for lunches is some veggies and I am set! Easy shpeezy.

So in other news, this guy offered me $3,000 cash for my car which is worth about 200$ on a good day. He wants it for parts and the frame. I HAVE to jump at this offer because my car is on it’s last leg and this offer will NOT occur again. I drive a 94 Honda civic by the way, manual, with 300,000 miles on it. it’s seen it’s day to say the least. I am currently looking at a used civic(I love and stand by Hondas) or a 2010 ford focus because the reviews on the are outstanding. Only problem, money. I can put $3000 I make from my car as a down payment but I do not have any idea how I will make monthly car payments, not to mention an increase in my monthly car insurance. Gee golly yikes… I don’t have a choice but TO take the money and get a car though. I have no idea what to do about money. Ya know, I would have NO problem if I wasn’t having to fork over 450$ a month for flippin student loan repayments. Grr this makes me so stressed and pissed. Mmkay so life isn’t perfect, but I am happy I am just on constant back burner stress with money. I am trying to save on food by buying meat in bulk cuz it is cheaper. Thus far it has helped a bit, not to mention I am not buying ANYTHING I do not need. So no more dark chocolate, macadamia nuts, rib eye. I’m sticking to cheap mis-cut chicken and big beef roasts. Whatever veggie is on sale in bulk for cheap, as well as lots of chicken livers!!! I love chicken livers!!!

Also in the back of my mind obviously is weight gain and restoration of my period but it seems the more I think about it in stress the worst off I end up. I have learned this about fertility though:

  • Adding more carbohydrates at the expense of naturally occurring fats predicted a decrease in fertility. This could very well mean that natural fats, especially unsaturated fats, improve ovulation when they replace easily digested carbohydrates.
  • More fat in the diet, and in some cases more saturated fat, improves the menstrual cycle
  • Unsaturated fats do things to improve fertility—increase insulin sensitivity and cool inflammation
  • Replacing 25 grams of animal protein with 25 grams of plant protein was related to a 50 percent lower risk of ovulatory infertility.

 Yeah, I knew I was pretty correct in my nutrition studies. Been fancy-ing studying up on gut flora and bacteria recently. It is some interesting stuff but I am not sure how much of it I “buy” besides obvious things disrupt it and every baby should be breast fed to start off on the right track (figures I was formula fed haha).

People have been noticing my healthy hair and self lately. Two people have commented on my increase boob size!!!!!!! HAHA! This chick was happy bout that! This blog http://experimentarianism.blogspot.com/, I give mad props to (shout out!!)and has precluded my April experiment and goal to maaaaaaajorly up my fat. You must understand this is going to be a huge process because my meat is already fatty, I cook everything in butter and coconut oil and add extra sour cream, mascarpone cheese and fat wherever I can. So there’s my goal!

Another thing kinda on my mind and bothersome. I feel AMAZING lately. I do not want it to change. I am in fear a bit that I will come plummeting down from this “high on life” I feel right now because in the past this much energy and happiness has been followed by the equal amount of sadness and depression. Does anyone else go through this cycle??

Ketchup Recipe w/o the sugar junk and HFCS!!

Jar of good tomato paste

¼ cup apple cider vinegar 3 tbsp olive oil
¼-½ tsp. salt
½ tsp. dried thyme
½ tsp dried oregano
1 clove garlic

½ tsp onion powder

3 tbsp fresh dill
3 tbsp fresh parsley

ps- cute earrings and shoes for today!