HAD MY DATE WITH JEDD YESTERDAY!!  Well okay, he has moved up from J to Jedd, his real name is Jedd. If he ever finds my blog or I ever share it with  him, after the initial embarrassment I will be fine with it. Wish I had a picture to show you guys because he is SOOO firkin cute!! Well, initially his drive to come see me was supposed to take about 3 hours and mine about an hour and 45 minutes. I was supposed to leave from here around 2 and be in Covington, LA around 330 or 4. well I called him at 2 and he was stuck in dead still traffic (haha note, my intial thought was wow I am worth all this?). so I ended up leaving my house around 3ish and making it there by 4. it only took me an hour to get there. His drive, all in all ended up being FIVE HOURS. Yeah, I get a kick out of that. He drove 5 hours to see me! Mmkay onto the juice…

We met at a famous New Orleans chain sort of restaurant called Copelands. Very expensive, very famous, VERY Cajun. I couldn’t even understand half the menu. They had SO much to choose from. I obviously first and foremost skimmed the steak menu…$40 for a steak!!! Hell no, semi-ED freak out because steak is my stand-by safe food. So onto the seafood menu…I had never had any of what was on there. The “lady” waitress spilled out in about 5 seconds flat talking 100mph their catch of the day, which was mahi mahi and redfish grilled in Cajun seasoning and semi-fried or something. I had never had either, again, so asked Jedd if it was good. He is a southern boy so he knows. So I went with that and had to choose 2 sides. Never had a seen grits & gravy as a side dish until here lol. Typical southern thing I suppose. Anyways, I went with Layonnaise veggies and Vegetables toot toot haha. It was steamed and buttered veggies (I think?) and then another side thing of fried taters, onions and some other unidentifiable veggie. ANYWAY, felt fine about the order and the fish was SOOO GOOOOD. Note to self, I must learn where and how to redfish. YUM.

Oh, and by the way we had dinner WAY OUTTA my time frame for dinner and I was FINE with it!! Yay me! I am use to dinner around 7pm and had dinner at 4pm! Go me haha. So then we went to see a movie, Your Way Out of My League…good first date movie by the way, it was relatively funny. But, it was 6pm and it didn’t start until 8 pm. So, back to his truck and neither of us knew anything about Covington so we had nothing to do. Luckily, he knows LA pretty well and was like “wanna go to the water.” I was like HELLL YES I wanna go see the water! So we took like a 5 minute drive to the Lake Pontchatrain River and walked along the path they have at the water in the sunset talking and looking at all the beautiful houses set up there. It was so cute. Windy and freezing, yes, but cute none the less. Guys, I think I really like him. He is funny/sarcastic, which makes me comfortable around him. He’s easy going and obviously will go out of his way to see me too! Not to mention he spent prolly 100$ on dinner which I find repulsive but nonetheless nice as well.

I think next time we get together I wanna go some kind of activity weather pending. He played baseball through childhood up to college then dropped out too be a linemen so I was thinking we could go to a park and play around with baseball and maybe he could show me how to fish?? His dad won some tournament fishing yesterday while we were on our date and he called to see about it. To me, this meant he is on good terms with his parents- allllllways a plus. I respect a guy who respects his parents.

If I had to complain I only have one. I am a very traditional and conservative girl when it comes to manners. Born and raised I was hounded that guys DO NOT under any circumstances wear their hats in restaurants or inside buildings. When we sat down to dinner he had his hat on, so I took it off for him and told him when we leave he can put it back on- haha. Everywhere we went from there he took his hat off when we were inside… gentlemanly of him and nice he respects that.

So I ended up getting home around 1am and with daylight savings I slept until 11am! I am well rested and thinking in the gorrrgeous weather my lil butt will go on a walk, clean the bed sheets, grocery shop for sure because my fridge looks like mother hubberds cupboard and chill out! Oh, vacuum the room and clean my bathroom too but that is heresay. Haha.

Slightly jealous, my older brother left for the beach for spring break today(GRR). My little brother text me at 2am one day this week to inform me he is WAY excited to come home and spend a week with me at my house ( I invited him too) and that made me SO HAPPY TO HEAR!! You must understand with my ED, my brothers and I have been on a rockyish weird relationship and the fact that he is excited and looking forward to hanging out with me makes me sosoososososoososososoo happy!


Mmkkkayy… sooo tell me about your first dates!!!! How do I know he is as “into me” as ii think I am to him? I don’t wanna mess this up and be annoying to him or needy or petty so how do I “play it cool” and keep him interested??


PS- he goes back to work Wednesday which means for 8 days he will be around K and M who were the ones who told him I was bulimic and K is the one who crushes him…BLEH.