Money, and more money. I hate the condition our economy is currently in and I am in no way shape or form an enthusiast of our current president. I did not vote for him, nor do I want him in office. However, regardless of my political views I wrote out my bills this morning now that I have had one monthly payment of each bill on my own. First of all you need to understand that money scares the living hell out of me. I do not like to have a lot of it and I absolutely hate spending it. When I get in a money “rut” I am incredibly overwhelmed, anxious, nervous and so on edge my pulse is probably close to 100 beats a minute. I am flustered in everything from performing my job to driving my manual car. When I worry, my foot controlling the clutch gets shaky. The back of my head and neck get tense and I experience this fizzy feeling. My chest is fluttered (prolly due to the racing pulse) and it gets tight. I start not only worrying about money and making ends meet. I start worrying about every other aspect of my life. Immediately I cut back on food and buying it. This probably works against me because the only result is I end up smoking more. I tend to repress all my feeling so no one ever knows anything is wrong. Stressing and worrying also drives my digestive system insane. When I lived at home and knew my parents were concerned about my eating I would occasionally see my dad walk through the kitchen while I was eating. He would make a “face” at my plate and walk or in anger. I don’t know that he exactly really did this, but I convinced myself every problem that occurred in life or anyone’s anger was due to me. Everything is my fault. I always feel this way. Anyway, the result of me feeling this way is real bad digestion. My belly hurts no matter what I eat. It cramps, it bloats etc etc. I have tried to calm down and eat but it always results in my head side tracking on things I am worrying about. 

So back to my bills. I have an incredible amount of debt from the college years I spent and never graduated from with any degree. This pisses me off to begin with because I feel like a failure, and now that I am 6 months out of taking classes, my student loan payments are back in full force. All $20,000 I owe, I am paying monthly in 4 different payments. SO, on top of 4 loan payment, car insurance, cell phone, gas, and house bills I am already out $650 A MONTH. THIS IS BEFORE MY RENT. So yea, when I saw this on paper I immediately flipped. I have not been able to control my anxiety all freaking day. I tried to take a walk in the sun on my lunch hour but the only result was this shaky weak feeling and a head spinning 93847 times a minute. I relatively have control over the outcome of my monthly spending, budget and bills but I freak and won’t spend a penny unless I God forsaken HAVE to. So although I can and do control this aspect, it does not prevent my constant stressing.

I want to ask for a raise at work but I am convinced I have no received one because if I deserved it I would have already gotten it. Asking or explaining to someone I am in a rut, and not self sufficient, and am in “need” is such a hard thing for me to do. It is enough to have to be open about food because, well I am admitting a problem. But self sufficiency and being in need of assistance is like the hardest thing to ask for ever.

Anyway, I promised in the last post an insight as to where I find my food philosophy and health standpoint. To begin with, I do not reject to eating anything the earth provides that would not be found in nature, and when found in nature would not be poisionous. I do not eat peanuts or peanut butter because it you found a peanut in the wild, it would poison you. I believe every diet should consist of very generous portions of saturated fat from NATURAL sources. This includes beef tallow, butter, coconut oil, ghee, lard, walnut oil etc etc. further I believe that the sources of fat should NOT be laden in omega 6 because the high rate of omega 6 in Americans diets are most likely the root cause of MANY diseases, health problems, and mental illness to begin with. Also, you will never convince me that higher than normal cholesterol causes heart disease or that natural saturated fat has anything but good things to do with heart health. They don’t raise cholesterol unnaturally and have always been a natural part of the human diet. Cholesterol is also absolutely hands down necessary to health and it is a proven fact that women with higher than normal cholesterol levels live longer healthier lives. Further, over 50% of those who suffer heart attacks have normal cholesterol level(which to me mean too low). Low cholesterol is incredibly unhealthy as is high cholesterol depending on your HDL and LDL measurements. Did you know there is absolutely no evidence that saturated fat clogs your arteries or induces poor health? 

 The lower the cholesterol, the higher the rates of stroke, cancer and death by infectious diseases- this IS a fact. It is also an incredibly inaccurate measure of heart health. There is a big difference in what occurs between the HDL and LDL cholesterol in your body when you eat natural fats vs unnatural fats. Plaque will succumb to you walls when LD is small and condensed however natural fat produces big fluffy LDL which is a good thing and essential to heart health. If you want to know about poor heart health get your LDL checked to see if it is big and fluffy or small and dense. A way of eating which is lower(not zero) in carbohydrates, moderate in protein, and relatively high in good fat will promote heart. This means it is rich in vegetables, roots, occasional tubers and no processed food or oil.

Lastly on the fat subject, I do not believe omega 3 is some superfood nor that people should be popping fish oils like they are going out of style. This is ridiculous because high omega 3 AND 6 is just as bad as one another. High omega 6 may be WORSE, but forcing in high levels of both is just as nutty to do. What people need to realize is that the SAD is full of horrendous omega 6’s, very little omega 3 from real food sources and what needs to be done is LOWER the omega 6 as much as humanly possible. I think vegetable and most seed based oils, along with sugar and wheat are the root cause of almost every namable disease out there. I would never ever touch margarine or something titled “I can’t believe it’s not butter” nor would I EVER consume a “low-fat” product.

Second, I am 100% against soy and anything that has to do with soy. Soybean oil, soy products, soy cheese, soy tofu. Whether you know it or not almost every product in the middle of the grocery aisle contains some sort of soy (even canned tuna). Soy has a hormone like mocking ability to it and screws with your fertility and reproductive system probably as much as artificial sweeteners being chugged down in the form of “splenda” and “diet-fill-in-the-blank.”Many spices even contain vegetable AKA soybean oil. On the soy note, I believe a diet that includes no meat or meat byproducts is incredibly unnatural. I am NOT saying that it cannot recomposingly be made out to be a sustainable diet, but natural it is not. No one is saving the planet from anything by being vegan or vegetarian. On the same note, I do not at all agree with the factory farming, hormone injected junk or meat that is inhumanely raised and slaughtered. Good sources of meat exist and should be eaten by every human being. Did you know we did NOT evolve to look like gorillas because of our large consumption of meat? We developed smaller stomachs and bigger brains because or meat. If you do practice the vegan way of life, you should be informed your plant-based diet has necessitated the clearing of millions of acres to create the golden fields of wheat, soy and grains, thereby wiping out acres of natural fauna. Wheat has been a huge detrimental effect on human health. Even the process of harvesting your grains kills millions of animals a year. I advocate grass fed natural meat and do know that is actually LOWERS this so called “global warming” BS to say the least.

Now onto carbohydrates. They drive insulin levels. High insulin levels are probably as bad if not worse than rancid oils, which also effect your sensitivity to insulin. Natural ups and leveling in insulin are normal but highs and dizzy spell lows are NOT. I cannot tell you how many times I have read health blogs or even bloggers whose blogs I follow say their breakfast does not hold them over, they got dizzy etc etc. It is because of unnatural products, too much non-naturally occurring sugar, and not enough saturated fat. Fat blunts your bodies response to insulin as well as satisfies and slows digestion.

Protein, essential for body building and structure. You need it, get it in natural forms. Protein powder is not natural even if it says “all natural.” Occasional use (like once a month maybe) will not do anything detrimental to you but it should not be viewed as some all might powerful “source of nutrition” or vitamins because in reality you most likely do not absorb half of what you take in from it.

Lastly, and this cracks me up STILL, is that people believe losing weight has ANYTHING to do with exercise. Running, cardio and driving yourself mad on an elliptical is doing much more harm than good. It stressed the body. Stress on the body (mental or physical) results in weight gain, water rentention, an overworking body and general unwell-being. I do not think people understand that the more stress you put on your body, the more weight it is going to hold. Think about it evolutionarily. If our ancestors were having to run around like mad men in circles or continuously to the exact same move for 60 minutes, when they finally did eat their bodies were going to hold on to EVERY LAST BITE and nutrient because the body was being demanded of. I do totally advocate however short burst of really hard exercise. Like 5 minutes. Do something that is incredibly hard. Then you are done. That is it. Get on with life. Stretch if you like (I do like breathing and stretching.)

PS- I despise the research industry because I am convinced companies and research are all money based. The money for disease and common sense nutrition is in “finding the cure” not unleashing the cure and fixing the problem. Pharmaceutical companies fund research on omega 3, vegetable oil, low fat products  so that the concluded studies prove their “product” is a cure all.

 This is a list of Omega Sources. The LOWER the ratio of omega 3:6 the better. This is taken from Matt Stone’s 180 dgeree health about a month ago:

 Omega 666 – the most Evil omega 6 powerhouses (over 50%)

 Grapeseed oil 70.6%!!!

Corn Oil 54.5%

Walnuts 52.5% (oil is 53.9%)

Cottonseed oil 52.4%

Soybean oil 51.4%

Very High Omega 6 sources (20-50%)

 Sesame oil 42.0%

Pepitas 34.5%

Margarine 27.9%

Pecans 26.9%

Peanut Butter 22.5%

Pistachios 21.3%

High Omega 6 Sources (10-20%)

 Chicken Fat 19.5%

Almonds 19.1%

Canola oil 19.0%

Flaxseed oil 12.9%

Cashews 12.6%

Duck Fat 12.2%

Bacon Grease 10.2%

Lard 10.2%

Moderate Omega 6 Sources (5-10%)

 Olive oil 9.9%

Goose Fat 9.8%

Avocado 9.4%

Chicken with skin 9.0%

Olives 7.4%

Bacon 7.0%

Eggs 6.8%

Pork chops 6.2%

Popcorn (Air Popped) 5.8%

Oats 5.6%

Low Omega 6 Sources (2-5%)

 Corn 4.7%

Chicken Liver 3.7%

Sunflower Oil 3.7% (High oleic variety – others are very high in omega 6)

Butter 3.4%

Beef Tallow 3.1%

Cocoa Butter 2.8%

Macadamia Nut oil ~2.5%

Cream 2.2%

Beef liver 2.1%

Grassfed Beef 2.0%

Whole wheat flour 2.0%

Extremely low Omega 6 Sources (Less than 2%)

 Coconut oil 1.9%

Prime rib 1.8%

Whole milk 1.8%

Half and Half 1.8%

Ground Beef 1.6%

Macadamia Nuts 1.6%

Chicken without skin 1.4%

Lamb 1.4%

Cheese/Brie 1.3%

Coconut Milk 1.1%

Seal Oil 1.1%

Foie gras 1.1%

Palm Kernel Oil 0.8%

Sockeye Salmon 0.5%

Yams 0.4%

Potatoes 0.3%

Halibut 0.2%

Shrimp 0.2%

Clams 0.2%

Canned tuna 0.1%

Blue crab 0.1%

Lobster 0.1%

 And as well I found this:
Cheddar Cheese
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
1.3 to 1

Cream Cheese
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
1.6 to 1

Heavy Cream
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
1.5 to 1

Sour Cream
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
1.3 to 1

Yogurt, plain, whole milk, conventional
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
1.0 to 1

Egg Yolks, pastured or flaxseed included in diet
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
2.0 to 1

Butter, conventional
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
8.5 to 1

Butter, grass-fed organic
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
1.5 to 1

Meats & Game

Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
6.1 to 1

Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
6.0 to 1

Beef, grass-fed
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
2.7 to 1

Beef, grain-fed, conventional
Ratio of Omega 6 to Omega 3
17.2 to 1

 In conclusion, food should be natural, whole and real food. It should not be processed in unnatural ways, and it should not come in boxes, bags, bars, containers and things of the sort. To me, this is happiness, good health and results in mental clarity and an unclouded unfoggy brain. I am NOT AT ALL SHUNNING or hating on any blogger or other person’s diet, but to each their own. I just have every conservative views on health and nutrition and like most, I am always learning. For the time being, I view fructose, rancid oil and wheat as devils to the human body. I just cannot get past the fact that altered food or products should be consumed by the human body- it simply makes no sense. Food is energy, weight and a sense of well being as well as the core of health. To me, that is it. It is not meant to be thought about, analyzed, plugged into fitday/calorie burn blah de dah and obsessed over. It’s just food, if it’s real, eat it. this works for me, my recovery and my weight. When I provide my mind and body with unnatural food I suffer anxiety attacks, obsession and ritual behavior, blood sugar imbalances, depression and sooo sooo much more. Real food does not do this to me. It makes me feel good, enjoy life, and enjoy people. I even am starting to enjoy my damned self!

Now if I could get these bills and money figured out….