looks the same?nope- chicken in butter and coconut oil/garlic, kale and queso, parmesan and feta!


GUYYSSSS I am moved into my new place!! We moved my stuff over this morning!!!! My parents set up my bed for my. Me and my mama made the bed, then I had boxes, and boxes and boxes to go through. But, the sun was out and it was gorgeous… I kept starring out the window wishing…just to be in the sun. Then, I got hungry. So out I went! Got lunch and then tried to get my brother to go to the USM baseball game with me, but he is dealing with frat problems today so no go. I didn’t care, I went, all by myself and I was just fine, like a big girl. Sat in the sun at the game alllll day while my boxes were sitting here waiting on me haha. Finally got back around 3:30 and unpacked until about 5ish then went back home to get my laptop, some clean clothes, and MY FOOD! Haha I had THREE grocery bags of food at home!! Here are some eats from the past couple days. 


who says you can’t have hotdogs your first night alone! with butter sauce & zuchini and pickles/cheese. 

almond butter, ceam cheese, sour cream, tahini!!


chicken in butter with spinach, side of kale incoconut oil and feta cheese. the chicken has a creamcheese sauce but you cant tell


You know, as nervous as I was about all this, I feel okay! I really hope I am at a place well enough to be on my own. While it takes maturity, I feel I am “grown” up enough to deal with this stupid ED and start living my life! I feel so proud of myself for making the move. Given, my parents are only about 30 minutes away, and my older brother a hop skip and jump, so if I NEED ANYTHING they are there. And best of all my job is only like 5 minutes away! SLEEP IN FOR MAL! 

My roommate, you can definitely tell this guy has not lived with anyone in a LONG TIME. His old roommate only paid rent but didn’t live here. From the looks of the short time I was here today, he sits on the couch ALL DAY and watches TV, smokes, watches TV, smokes, eats, TV TV TV. Ew I hate Tv!!!! I watch TV for like one hour a week. Sunday night at 8pm for Desperate Housewives…it’s my show. Oh and the weather channel so I can pick outfits appropriately. 


Sorry this is a quick in and out jet post, I got some unpacking to do. Ill be sure to get some pictures up of my new place tomorrow or soon when I am settled into my routine and stuff.