The date was good! Who picks Valentines Day for a first date? Haha, it was crowded. First stop was Longhorn and we couldn’t find any parking, even at the hotel next to it! so, across the street we go in his oh-so-I-want-to-drool-nice-truck. I love this truck. It is so freakin pretty. Anyways, across the street to Outback where we found parking and were put on a 2 hours wait. So, sitting outside in the cold and breeze at their bench chit-chatting (good lord this boy can talk!). A host comes out and announces there is a cocktail table open for two- first come first serve. I looked at him and was like let’s go! So we only ended up waiting like 30 minutes, not bad at all for Valentines Day!

So, ED moment number one was when I noticed it was only 330pm.. we were there for dinner. I had practically just eaten lunch. Wasn’t hungry and surely wasn’t interested in food. But, I got over it. I wasn’t going to “not eat because I wasn’t hungry.” Home girl has played that game one to many times to recall. So I start skimming over the menu- steak, steak, steak, pasta pasta pasta…. RIDICUOUSLY EXPENSIVE! Obviously I went with steak. Then I skimmed the side dishes… shit… only one veggie choice. Seasonal veggies. Got them, my other choices were sweet potato, baked tater, fries, mashed garlic cheese taters… I don’t DO taters. That was ED moment #2- internally and mentally freaked here but kept my cool. I got the filet, medium rare. Wouldn’t ya know it came almost well done? I didn’t complain, but I did not enjoy it either, bleh. I despise overcooked steak. Anywho I ended up with a salad too but had to ask for it and saved it to eat with the steak because it had lots of yum-yum cheese on it and since my steak was overdone I figured it would taste better with some salad and cheese mixed in. There was a piece of squash in the veggie mix I got and I was like score! Went to eat it…HOT HOT HOT burnt my mouth. I prolly looked like a fool trying to cool it down. Oh golly it was so hot… my bad. I should test it next time. I am SUCH a rookie to this eating out thing. I never did it pre ED either. I really have always disliked eating at restaurants, especially fast food places. It has always grossed me out. I have worked in too many restaurants and know too much about the behind the scenes to enjoy eating the food.

Anyway, I realized but not until I got home that I talked throughout the entire meal. We were prolly at Outback from 245-6pm. I was engaged, save my ordering food, the entire time! I can tell you what we talked about. I can tell you what he talked about! It is amazing! I listened and took it in! I sooo never do that. I am always pre-thought-occupied on food. To an extent I was, but I was forcing myself to be in the moment rather that worry about the moment. Good stuff.

We tried to see a movie round 6ish after we left, but low and behold everyone and their cousin wanted to see a movie on valentines day so the only opening was at like 945pm. No way. We tried bowling. All alleys booked for 2 ½ hours. No way. SO, we drove around for a bit then he took me home. Ended with a goodnight kiss. NOW THE JUICE… I cannot decide if he “does it” for me if that makes sense. We can definitely carry on a conversation, I mean the boy can talk and talk and talk. But I do not know if we click per say. I don’t get that butterfly in the stomach thing or any kinda spark. Given, I do enjoy the texts like “have a great day!” and “good morning” or “sweet dreams!” but I don’t really FEEL anything when I see them or when I hear from him. Maybe he’s just to nice? I don’t know. He opens EVERY SINGLE door for me, even to the truck. Very gentleman like and has that southern charm. Makes good money. Calls when he says he will and texts a lot. Crap- I don’t know. I swear sometimes I am literally UNABLE to fall for a guy. Like I have tons of crushes like 24/7 on guys, but as SOON as anything starts into the dating world and like constant phone contact and checking up thing… I lose interest like pronto and I get annoyed SO EASILY. I can guarantee a week from now I will be complaining about annoying texts and the fact that he will not shut up.

Anyone else have this problem?

On the eating front.. I finished an ENTIRE block of cream cheese, jar of almond butter, tub of mascarpone cheese, 16oz container of sour cream, 16 oz of sharp raw cheese AND last but not least, the entire jar of coconut mayonnaise I made- all their FULL containers -IN.THREE.DAYS… ew the thoughts of how many thousands of zillions of calories that consisted of is gross to even consider. NONE of this was included in any meals I ate. I simply snacked CONTINUOUSLY on this stuff like it was going out of style. Geez- FAT ASS haha that is what that makes me sound like golly!

I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next. Delicious Ambiguity.

My parents got me a valentines day card and a T-bone steak for valentines day. Bless their hearts, but ever since I have added variety back into my diet and started this gain weight reefed thing… my desire for a big ass steak has diminished TEN FOLD. I don’t mind steak obviously I love beef short ribs, but a pound of steak with other food now, is a little overwhelming. When I was zero carb eating only meat I could put away pounds of meat in a day. But now, there’s variety and I just cant put away meat like that anymore. I think my parents are expecting me to eat the same amount of meat I was on zero carb on TOP of everything else I now add back in and eat. That my friends, is physically impossible… so I am not sure what to DO per say with the T-bone. It is GINORMOUS. I figure grill it, eat half with some veggies for dinner maybe take the left over to work for lunch? I dunno but I don’t want to be “preached at” for not “finishing my steak” because I can definitely see THAT coming.

 Food For Thought

 Favorite Food: scrambled eggs ESP in the summer when the farms sell REAL EGGS from chicks without cages!

Least Favorite Food: Cucumbers (but NOT PICKLES!), bell peppers and onions


Favorite Spice: Cumin…love the smokiness

Least Favorite Spice: haven’t really ran into one I dislike… rosemary maybe? I have never used it


Favorite Vegetable: SQUASH any kind

Least favorite Vegetable: Onions or carrots (and see above!)


Favorite Fruit: Tomato!

Least favorite fruit: Apple (to many bad ED memories attached)


Favorite Fat: Fresh farm butter and sour cream

Least Favorite fat: RANCID NASTY OIL (i.e. vegetable oil, corn oil, soybean oil etc etc)


Favorite Dairy Product: oh this is hard… sour cream and raw cheddar

Least Favorite Dairy: Milk because I think the processing or if it gross. I would drink it raw if I had access but I don’t.


Favorite Meat: Beef short ribs or chicken because it is SO versatile!

Least Favorite Meat: Bacon, store bought sausage, boudan (southern thing)


Favorite Seafood: MD BLUE CRABS!! Shrimp is a close second

Least Favorite seafood: Clams…ew


Favorite part of the animal: LIVER- I LOVE livers

Least Favorite Part: rocky mountain oysters lol

 Favorite concoction you have made: scrambled eggs with cream, cheese, sour cream, spinach, mushrooms and tomato VERY lightly scrambled almost undercooked. SO yummy

 Recently Found food addiction: Almond Butter…good thing it is gone…for now

 Favorite food to throw on the grill in the summer: chicken legs and squash!

 One food you don’t “get it” with: oh my golly this is so easy… OATMEAL, I do not get the obsession!

 One food with childhood memory attached: fried chicken and Kraft Mac-n-Cheese mixed with a pound of hamburger (we were poor, a lil meat was stretched across MANY meals)

 Food you have never tried but plan to: Eggplant and asparagus…. Opinions on these??

 What is your “go to comfort” meal? Chopped steak-ums(like form the box) with spinach and raw cheese smothered over it. for some reason this combo just always hits the spot when I need a quick, yummy meal.

 One food you will never eat again: Pasta & bread- ANY wheat product or vegetable containing substance (this isn’t even ED related this is simply how I view nutrition)

 How would you view you “eating style”- VERY paleo high fat based. My “vice” is cheese which is Neolithic but a girls gotta have some give! Pretty much, if it don’t come from the farm I am not interested.