I am taking today off from blogging. I am going to yoga(for real, like not entering the gym), tanning, and window shopping for when I receive my BOUYA FEDERAL REFUND CHECK! I plan new shoes and a new outfit- THAT IS IT….I think hehe. I am gonna try to snap some pics amongst my journeys and put together a nice lil goals-to-reach post for Sunday! Have a great weekend- good eats from me to you!

Question for help: how do you decide what “new scary” foods you want to add in? and also, I keep loading my refrigerator with more food which I eat once, and then buy something else I want…my veggies are going bad!! Help….?? I don’t want to get stuck with the same food and meals day after day as I want variety but my spinach and mushroom are about to turn to slime…ewwww