I MUST SAY THANK YOU a million times over for the support and encouragement in my posts yesterday! I love it! I love this blogging thing, it makes this process so much easier and gives me so much more determination!

Well, one meal at a time. I did it. I feel…a bit bloated but nothing like I was expecting. I was anxious and nervous going in almost anticipating this huge rise in insulin/blood sugar…but I seem sane. HOLY SHIT I’M ALIVE! Can you firkin believe it!? As always, I anticipated it all day and over though and analyzed it. But in the end, it’s all still alright. My mom and dad did not even notice I had spinach, garlic and mushrooms with my chicken last night. It was good. I cut a whole chicken in half, seasoned it thoroughly and roasted it in the oven for an hour. I ate half the chicken, and sautéed the spinach mushrooms and garlic together with lots of butter, cream and crumbled lots of queso fresco over it and plated! I always notice all the other sites have food porn on them so I will work on that haha. I don’t do oatmeal and ____ bars (there’s a million take your pick). I am only eating real food, so you won’t see anything in packages, boxes or bags. Not my thing. I think nutrition comes from the earth, God and what is available if you were I guess “out in the woods” on your own.

Anyways, THE BIG GAME is today. The saints, my team, play the Vikings for a shot at the super bowl! I am already nervous about this game! My older brother is a DIE HARD Vikings fan, and I a DIE HARD Saints. I love my Florida leis! We had the loudest flippin storm last night. This crack of thunder woke me up WIDE AWAKE at 4:50 am. My dog was going bonkers and jumped in bed with me. Typical southern weather. They say down here if you don’t like the weather “give it 5 minutes.”

So…speaking of the south… there is a LOT of culture down here, a lot of heritage, and yes a LOT of health problems and obesity. But one thing I DO notice about this place, is that the people are genuinely happy. They have passions, be it cooking, fishing, their jobs or family, they love what they do and they LOVE to celebrate. Any occasion, a birthday, a football game, Mardi Gras (duh) is a HUGE event. There is nothing like getting dressed up obnoxiously in the holy trinity and hittin up Charles street or bourbon street for the parades and parties. It is a blast. I am supposed to go to Lafayette this year for Mardi Gras with some people from work- I am excited! They will drive miles and hours to have a celebration. Spur of the moment road trips are a normal thing just to go celebrate something. I like that about the south. The people genuinely like to be around other people, which in the past has not been one of my strong points, but I feel I will come around to it eventually. I work with a lot of Cajuns from Lousisiana as well…and their accent. Holy. Moly. Ya better be paying attention! They have this French twisted lingo and it is so hard to understand if you’re not familiar with it. They make me laugh. And they always come bearing gifts and food. Here’s a glimpse into the Cajun Language for ya…try and say it!

Here is the official definition of a Cajun:

CAJUN (‘ka:-j@n), n. A person born or living along the bayous, marshes and prairies of south Louisiana; devoted to gumbo, boudin, sauce piquante, crawfish and jambalaya; dedicated to the fais-do-do, French music, hard work and letting the good times roll. (Inscription from a gift given to me by my aunt and uncle Faye and Herman Gesser of New Iberia, Louisiana)

•Ca c’est bon- That’s good!

•C’est magnifique- That is great!

•Mon cher- My dear.

•Fais-do-do- An Acadian dance.

•Lagniappe- Something extra, similar to a bonus.

•Bonjour Mes Amis- Good day my friends.

•Merci Beaucoup- Thank you very much.


Laisser les bons temps rouler- Let the good times roll! This one is my favorite! It’s the traditional Mardis Gras saying and the first I got to learn. Catch a Cajun saying it and it rolls out of his mouth almost seductively. First time I heard it I was like “come again….one more time…oh, I like that” haha.


       Then there is crawfish…a dynasty when in season down here. If you have never had them, please take a visit to see me and we will have a good ol boil- it’s a celebration like no other. Good music, good weather, and hot spicy crawfish. I must admit, I like crabs better being from Maryland and all, but the celebration over them is all worth it. The jazz music, the blues music, the people playing they instruments on the street, everyone fixin to go see everyone else just because- it’s a blast. The music has passion and heart in it- there is so much expression. The singing is heartfelt and you can hear the realness in their voices.

          So enough about that…I leave you with good eats from southern Mississippi to where veer you may be! Let’s work on living life and not letting life live us! Let’s celebrate our health, our culture and listen to some good down home tunes! Keep that train a truckin!

Goal this year: work my way up from vegetables back up to chickpeas! Have a boyfriend, get a raise, and start either staying out and away from full length mirrors, off the scale and learn to accept the female aspects of my body!