Though y’all might be interested in learning some quirky, normal, and random facts about me!

 I have a dream of becoming a salsa dancer or a hip hop back-up dancer

 I love the ocean, the beach and the sun. If it is out, I am out.

 I lived in Maryland for 21 years then moved to Mississippi

 I LOVE FOOTBALL…New Orleans Saints. I hope to one day attend a game.

 I think cheerleading should be an Olympic sport

 I never ate a salad until I was 15 years old

 I count everything in sets of eight.

 I make weird images from tiles in the bathroom.

I think girls who wear too much makeup are hideous. I stick to accentuating the eyes.

 I love trying on weird outfits that seem eccentric

 I use to hate my name but now like it because not many people have it

 I often smoke up the kitchen cooking dinner- my parents despise it

 My favorite food is probably pork steak or beef ribs

 I don’t get into the designer clothes, purses etc- one because I can’t afford it, and two I don’t want someone who can make a purse be a billionaire.

 I can be the biggest tightwad you’ll ever meet

 I love barefeeting it but I hate my feet. They are long and flat.

 Walking is the only way I can clear my head

 I love being a girl, wearing attractive clothes, feeling attractive and grabbing the attention of males J

 I love dogs. I have a blue tick coon hound. I’m more of a lab girl. If Beethoven dogs could survive in the south I would want one.

 I smoke….not weed

 I don’t like to drink alcohol

 I only wash my hair every 3 days. Keeps it healthy.

 I swear deodorant makes my pits sweat more than they otherwise would.

 There is nothing more I adore than sleep

 I hate movies and TV. I hate sitting there and having to watch it…bleh

 I want to learn to quilt.

I love crawfish but crabs are better